Debt Recovery

We work with businesses worldwide to retrieve money owed to our clients by customers.

Debt Recovery

The debtors or receivables book is generally one of the larger assets of most companies. Effective management of the book debt is a continual challenge for business and requires ongoing monitoring which consequently can be both time consuming and a strain on monthly costs.

With over 30 years’ experience within a multitude of industries our expertise in debt recovery stretches from SME’s to large corporate companies. Whether through outsourcing the entire book debt or simply requirement of recovery of one single debt, our determination and professionalism has resulted in aged or delinquent debts being recovered in its entirety. Make no mistake, we fully understand and appreciate the importance of maintaining our client’s “Customer Business Relationship” and this point of note is never lost on us.

Most businesses whether large or small generally have no problem with providing services to their clients however, when it comes to recovery of bills for services rendered then this is wholly a completely different matter in many cases. Let Confian Business Services undertake your debt recovery, we promise you won’t be disappointed in this commercial decision.

Our expertise in negotiations is something we are proud off and consequently we have on numerous occasions, negotiated a very favourable result on aged/delinquent debt on behalf of our valued clients.

Through our association with Legal specialist, we undertake all Legal work carried out although it is important to note, that we would not entertain Legal action without your prior authority and in any event, instigating Legal action would always be a last resort when all other avenues have been exhausted.    

A Sale is NOT a Sale until monies have CLEARED into your bank account

Debt Assignment

Cash flow is key to any business, don’t let bad debt run your business into the ground. Why not assign your book debt to us..

Consumer Debt Advice

Our services are personalised, efficient and accurate taking care of your accounts whilst allowing you to concentrate on running your business.

Credit Management

We are experts in solutions to help you improve your cash flow, reducing your risk of bad debt whilst protecting your profits.

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