Debt Assignment

Cash flow is key to any business, don’t let bad debt run your business into the ground. Why not assign your book debt to us.

Debt Assignment

This service is provided primarily on behalf of Commercial Debts and would appeal to businesses that have a book debt totalling over £20K of outstanding fees that remain unpaid.
At times businesses require an urgent injection of cash either to pay major suppliers or a quarterly VAT bill to HMRC. One of the assets of any business is the outstanding book debt for services rendered.
By assigning your debt to Confian Business Services you will alleviate the problematic ritual of pursuing your debt. This at times can be most frustrating and even costly when promised payments have not been received, leaving the business with serious cash flow issues.
There are two options that you can choose in the assignment of your debt to us which are as follows:-
1) We can buy the total debt from you for a nominal fee.
2) We can charge you a very competitive percentage based on a sliding scale on all fees recovered.
NB: We value the client relationship you have with your clients and a such, this would always remain our main priority.

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