Credit Management

We are experts in solutions to help you improve your cash flow, reducing your risk of bad debt whilst protecting your profits.

Credit Management

Credit Control can be time consuming and expensive to your business. Outsourcing your credit control function to Confian Business Services can free up cash flow not to mention valued time for your business. Moreover, it can save you a lot more than it costs. This is true concerning Start-Up or SME companies.

Managing the entire receivables book debt whilst maintaining a professional approach month on month can be a daunting task for many. Identifying signs of risk on credit provided to your customers is vital to ensure you do not end up having to write-off debt as a result of one of your customers entering into administration or liquidation. Similarly, examining the monthly payment patterns of your customers is a sure-fire way of establishing if they are encountering current financial difficulties. If needed, we will act as an extension of your credit control department thus giving the impression to your valued clients that a debt recovery agent has not been instructed, which at times can have a negative effect on the client business relationship.

We can also assess any credit risk by carrying out a risk assessment on your behalf of new and existing customers. Providing credit is a luxury that should not be taken lightly.

The billing process is an area that many companies constantly fail on and as a result this delays payment of due invoices. Let us review or implement this process which is vital from the outset.

The same applies to maintaining a clean and healthy ledger that is manageable and will reduce the risk of any errors resulting in payments being remitted within stipulated payment terms and thereby, maximising the cash-flow. Our credit management audit of your credit control process and procedures is a tool that will save you costs going forward. This service is key to any business who wants to maximise their profits.

Eradicate excuses for non-payment of due invoices

Financial Management

We offer a highly personalised financial management service, ensuring we provide uptodate advice tailored to you needs.

Debt Assignment

Cash flow is key to any business, don’t let bad debt run your business into the ground. Why not assign your book debt to us.

Debt Recovery

We work with businesses worldwide to retrieve money owed to our clients by customers.

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