Consumer Debt Advice

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Consumer Debt Advice

Consumer debt on average in the UK currently stands at £15K per household. This sum is attributed predominantly from monies owed to various lenders such as Credit Card Firms, Banks, Loan companies etc.
Whether it is a comprehensive review of your finances through our Income & Expenditure Analysis, or a complete review/assessment of current Financial Contractual obligations with your lenders. Our expertise coupled with unrivalled negotiation skills, can result in agreed re-negotiation of outstanding monthly repayment plans, reduction in full & final settlements of monies owing, and in extreme cases, a complete write-off of monies owed dependant on your financial circumstances.
We are also able to provide you with sound advice on Solicitors Fees, a guide on Enforcement along with providing in simple terms the meaning of Legal terminology.
Many Consumers with mounting debt, simply ignore Demand letters threatening Legal action, whether through fear or lack of knowledge. Not dealing with the issue in hand simply magnifies the situation. The last thing any consumer needs during difficult financial times is a knock on the door from Bailiffs or entering into a loan as a quick fix through Loan Sharks.
Let Confian Business Services deal with your debt problem and leave you stress free and give you peace of mind. Your simple solution is to deal with outstanding debt issues without further delay.

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Debt Assignment

Keeping up-to-date accounting records is a must for all types of  business.  We deliver Sole Trader, Partnership and Limited Company Accounts to enable you to make business and to drive growths.

Debt Recovery

We work with businesses worldwide to retrieve money owed to our clients by customers.

Credit Management

We are experts in solutions to help you improve your cash flow, reducing your risk of bad debt whilst protecting your profits.

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